Raising a glass to FM innovation

Raising a glass to FM innovation

Increasingly when companies outsource their facilities management, they are looking for a supplier that doesn’t just provide value for money but also delivers these services in a better way. NSG Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems, sought a proactive service provider which showed a keen interest in its business and could bring new ideas to the table. The company, founded in 1918 on technological innovation, chose Grosvenor Services as its FM provider because of its capability, flexibility in delivery and open approach.

The NSG Group is a global company, with operations in 28 countries on four continents, operating in three main sectors – building products, automotive and technical glass. The building division supplies glass for architectural and solar energy applications. Automotive has a leading share in original equipment and specialised transport markets, and is also a leading player in automotive aftermarket glazing distribution and wholesale. Technical glass products include thin display glass, optical devices for office machinery and glass fibre products.

NSG Group’s UK operations incorporate a range of facilities from glass manufacturing to research and development, warehouse distribution and wholesale. In April 2015, Grosvenor Services was chosen to provide industrial and office cleaning and hygiene, along with mailroom management, with responsibility for the receiving, sorting and distribution of mail.  These services are delivered across 16 UK sites, including NSG Group’s three main UK manufacturing sites and the Group’s European Technical Centre in Lathom, which is a major hub for its research and development activity.

NSG Group seeks suppliers who share its values of sustainability and innovation. Operating to a framework provided by the prestigious ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Energy, International Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Standards, Grosvenor Services has proven sustainability credentials. They strive to support the sustainability goals of clients by presenting innovative ways of providing services that not only enhance the workplace organisation standard 5S practices on sites, but also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This is achieved down the supply chain by reducing the size of the inventory and eliminating overstocking and frequency of transport.

The facilities services provider has launched a new range of EU Ecolabel accredited cleaning products to all NSG Group’s sites. Water is added to the super-concentrates at the point of use, reducing transport costs and waste. The amount of products required for the same cleaning is cut by more than a third, meaning more efficient use of resources. This also reduces plastic and cardboard waste.

All new innovations are tested first and deployed only when Grosvenor Services knows that performance will be enhanced, or at least, maintained. With operations reaching as far as the USA, Grosvenor Services also draws on its international experience to ensure it always applies best practice.

The company understands the critical importance of visibility and reporting to clients. It provides real-time reporting, based on jointly-agreed key performance indicators that enable NSG Group to make informed decisions based on transparent information. Key results to date include savings due to more efficient choice and management of quality services, and high monthly audit scores, consistently above 90%.

Grosvenor Services continues to add value by working closely with NSG to better understand its needs. It is improving its range of available services to existing and new clients by investing in hard services management in order to contribute to better risk management and improved productivity.

John Wilgar, European Procurement Director at the NSG Group said: “Even when you have a big pressure on cost, it’s important to create additional value, through openness to explore different areas. Grosvenor Services understands that the service needs to be innovative and that flexibility is required. The team has shown a readiness to sit down with us and discuss ways that the contract might be delivered differently, whilst also saving costs and reducing environmental impact.”

Bernard McCauley, group managing director at Grosvenor Services, said: “We work closely with NSG Group to truly understand their needs and provide innovation as well as consistently excellent standards. We’re constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and investigating new approaches to service delivery. By being adaptable, we not only deliver added value and improved performance but also help to contribute to the long-term success of NSG’s business.”

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