Health & Safety

Occupational Health Safety and Wellness


ISO 45001 is a global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Grosvenor have been certified to ISO 18001 and latterly ISO:45001. We also hold certification for safe contractor, CHAS, Builders Profile, RISQ, Constructionline and Ecovadis. We also subscribe to SSIP.

Structure Competent Advice

We have an HSEQ Dept, with a number of NEBOSH and IOSH qualified managers. They provide competent advice and liaise with the authorities in both Ireland the UK.

This provides us with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety in the business.


To Instil a safety Culture in the business, through leadership and example. Improving the competency levels of all staff in order to reduce the Incident and severity rate year on year.

How we achieve

We achieve this through our “safety culture” which gives the same degree of importance to safety as any other business critical activity.

Our culture is more than merely avoiding accidents or reducing their number. It is to do the right thing, at the right time, in response to normal or emergency situations.

The quality and effectiveness of training plays a significant part in determining the performance of our people, and the attitude they adopt towards health and safety protocols, will, in turn, be shaped by the ‘culture’ of our company.

A strong safety culture is essential to reducing incidents and improving wellbeing. Our intent is to create a culture that promotes an ethos of safety awareness.


There is a difference in the way Ireland and the UK record reportable incidents. Due to our strong safety culture there have been no reportable incidents in the UK, since 2019. Reportable incidents in Ireland have related to the over three day rule.

We continue to encourage our staff to report all incidents however small.

The severity of the injuries sustained have reduced in line with our target With lost times injuries decreasing and lost days dropping from 2021 to 2022.


We provide services through our people. At the heart of our organisation is an ethos that prioritises them. We have invested as a business in ‘Health assured’ a third party provider, and have trained ‘mental health first aiders’ based across our business. We through our staff newsletters send out regular bulletins and advice on health and mental awareness to our people.

We have six fully trained ‘mental first aiders’ who are available to our people whenever the need arises. We strive to ensure that our personnel are always supported and understand how valued they are to the organisation.