Corporate Social Responsibility

People & Community

As internationally responsible family business with 60 years of history behind us, we appreciate our success has been down to our strong relationships with our people, clients and suppliers.

Ensuring our staff receive the necessary skills to deliver sustainable service for our clients is at the heart of who we are, and we actively encourage the development of our personnel.

We understand our people, their needs and work tirelessly to ensure opportunities for growth are available through our training and development programs.

We are proud that some of our staff have been with us for over thirty years and many have developed into leadership positions within our organisation.

Making a positive impact both globally through our offsetting programs or locally through the numerous charitable events in which are staff are involved ensures that we are in touch with local communities and serving their needs

We have a volunteer program which allows our office-based staff to work on volunteer projects such as the leopardstown hospital for half a day a year. This puts our people in touch with local communities, as well as contributing we have found that our staff come away uplifted and the benefits we receive as a business outweigh the cost.

We are also very proud to have contributed and to continue to contribute to various charity organisations, such as:


At the heart of our organisation is an ethos that prioritises people. We support wellness and mental health initiatives within our company, such as our regularly scheduled team lunch walks. We strive to ensure that our personnel are always supported and understand how valued they are to the organisation.

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