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Gender Pay Gap Report

Report published April 2022


Grosvenor Services is a leader in cleaning and facilities management services, providing an integrated approach to operating and maintaining multi-faceted solutions for over 60 years. As a family business, we have remained true to our core values – striving for excellence, commitment to delivering results and working to ensure long term trusted relationships with our clients, dedicated to providing the best conditions to all of our employees.

We offer innovative solutions and quality vetted professionals who are reliable and skilled in all that they do. Our experienced team offer industry leading expertise in the areas of Cleaning & Facilities management. Our guiding principles and ideology are rooted in our people and our core values.

We truly value our greatest asset, our people. We understand the importance of having a culture that allows our people to achieve their potential. Our people are ambassadors for Grosvenor Services and also the voice of the company. Only through their efforts can we deliver real value and build positive relationships with our customers. In the last 60 years, our people have made Grosvenor Services into a successful business.

Therefore it is of great importance that all of our employees are treated equally and receive equal pay for their hard work. Our report for 2022 has shown that while women are well represented at the higher levels, we still have a pay gap between pay for men and women. We are committing to continue to reduce this gap.

Statutory legislation guides much of the terms and conditions of the employment of our workers particularly their rate of pay. However, we recognised that the majority of our workforce at the operative level are women, while the next levels i.e. supervision, area & regional management, have a better balance between men and women and indeed a majority of men in some cases and we believe this has led to an imbalance in the pay gap. It is our view that recruitment focused outside of our company in our search for individuals with previous facilities management experience has led to this greater balance of men and women at middle management level which is in contrast with the number of women at the lower operative level. It is our belief that a further focus on succession planning within our mainly female operative level, will lead to a balance of women at the supervision and middle management levels which better reflects our employees at operative level.

We have also identified that some more physical roles e.g. janitor or cleaning with heavy buffing machines are often filled with male operatives and with these roles come greater responsibility and extra elements of training making these individuals more suitable for promotion. We believe that a commitment to more equal succession planning and providing greater elements of training, responsibility & opportunity for development across the workforce, i.e. covering supervisor duties during their annual leave, giving responsibility for training new operatives to current operatives, etc will lead to a more equal distribution of extra responsibility and training making the pool for potential promotion more fair and equal. Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 It remains our aim to encourage greater succession planning and to find greater balance in the development and promotion of our employees into higher positions within our business.

Brian Solan – Head of HR

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