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Gender Pay Gap Report

Report published January 2024


Grosvenor Services is a leader in cleaning and facilities management services, providing an integrated approach to operating and maintaining multi-faceted solutions since 1959. As a family-run business, we have remained true to our core values – striving for excellence, commitment to delivering results and working to ensure long term trusted relationships with our clients, dedicated to providing the best conditions to all of our employees.

We offer innovative solutions and quality vetted professionals who are reliable and skilled in all that they do. Our experienced team offer industry leading expertise in Cleaning and Facilities Management. Our guiding principles and ideology are rooted in our people and our core values.

We truly value our greatest asset, our people. We understand the importance of having a culture that allows our people to achieve their potential. Our people are ambassadors for Grosvenor Services. They are the voice of the company. It is only through their efforts that we can deliver real value and build positive relationships with our customers. Over more than 60 years, our people have made Grosvenor Services into a successful business.

It is therefore of great importance that all of our employees are treated equally and receive equal pay for their hard work. Our report for 2023 has shown that while women are very well represented at senior levels within the Irish business, we have a mean pay gap of 18.9% between men and women. This is a slight reduction on last year, but we realise that we have more work to do. We remain committed as a business to reducing this gap further, as outlined in the strategic initiatives contained within the conclusion of this report.

Our management team is spread across both the UK and Ireland, meaning that any country-specific data (such as Gender Pay data) is necessarily only reflective of those employees that reside in that particular territory. Whilst many senior leaders sit on our Irish Payroll, the below data does not include other key figures within our business including a number of female senior leaders, who are instead included in our UK Gender Pay Gap data.

Please find our Irish 2023 Gender Pay Gap data outlined below:

Report Statistics

Gender Splits

The total gender split across the Irish part of the business is Male 18% / 82% Female. Split into pay quartiles, the splits are as shown in the table below:


Quartile 1

Quartile 2

Quartile 3

Quartile 4











Pay Gaps

The mean and median pay gaps for full-time and part-tme employees can be found below:


Full time

Part time

Mean Pay Gap



Median Pay Gap



Bonus Pay

Our employee percentages for those in receipt of a performance related bonus are outlined below:

Employees in receipt of Bonuses





In line with the above figures the mean and median bonus percentages are outlined below:

Bonus Pay Gap





Benefit in Kind

Our employee percentages for those in receipt of benefit in kind are outlined below:

Benefit in Kind






The majority of our workforce, as evidenced in the report within the quartile data, are women. Statutory legislation guides much of the terms and conditions of the employment of our workers, particularly the rate of pay in quartiles 3 and 4. Although we have high female representative figures in each quartile, inclusive of quartile one which has 77% Female representation in addition to our bonus pay gap data with a median figure of -200%, we have a mean pay gap of 18.9% which is a slight reduction on our 2022 report figures.

It is our view that recruitment focused outside of our company, in our search for individuals with previous facilities management experience, has led to this mean pay gap. We believe that a continued focus on succession planning within the business will lead to a better balance of our mean pay gap data. We have had significant success with internal progression in the past year, but we have more work to do.

In line with the findings from our 2023 report data, the company will implement the below initiatives across the business throughout 2024:

  1.  Re-train all hiring managers throughout the business on recruitment practices with an emphasis on equality.
  2. Revise our annual appraisal process with a particular focus on highlighting the key operative talent across the business for further development.
  3. Launch our Grosvenor Academy which will give our top operative talent the skills they require in order to progress into senior roles within the business.

We believe these new initiatives will aid us in our continued efforts to reduce our Gender pay gap further for our 2024 report.

Joe Maguire
Head of HR