Customer Care

Customer Care

Customer care plays a key role every day on all of our contracts. Customer care means exceeding your expectations, meeting all targets, delivering excellent quality and being a Trusted Partner of Choice. Through trust and communication, we deliver customer care excellence to our clients.

Regular Communication and Reporting

Our Account Management Teams maintain regular contact with our clients, with communication and reporting including but not limited to:

  • CleanTelligent audits, with relevant client stakeholders invited
  • Regular site visits, scheduled and as required
  • Planned and announced HSEQ audits
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • KPI reporting

This allows us to identify trends and opportunities for continuous improvement. We ensure all reporting and relevant data is kept up-to-date and accessible to our clients.

Customer Care Training

All Grosvenor staff working with the public receive customer care training as part of their continuous professional development with the company. We train our staff to provide a professional but friendly service across our sites. Our employees develop new insights into their impact on the customer experience and learn how to think like the customer. We train our operatives to carry out their duties to an exceptional standard while displaying a deep knowledge and understanding of each client’s requirements. Educating staff from a customer care perspective leads to visible improvements in all areas of service delivery, and we encourage them to go the extra mile for our clients.

Family Business Ethos

We are a family-owned business, and the family business ethos is woven into our values. We demonstrate this in how we treat our staff and maintain relationships with our clients. We have remained true to our core values – striving for excellence, committing to deliver results, and forging long-term relationships built on trust. We operate a flat management structure and an open-door policy, ensuring we always remain customer care centric. We can offer many customer care advantages, such as:

  • Business Size & Flexibility Due to our simplified operating structure, we can quickly adapt to changes in the market, such as pandemics. Our flexibility also enables us to adjust our services up and react to changes in client requirements.
  • Communication & Teamwork Being closer together as a business team with a simplified decision-making process gives us an advantage in understanding our clients’ goals. Our leadership is visible and present across our business to all our staff and clients. This instils confidence, positivity and trust.
  • Bespoke service offering We work hard to detect and satisfy the detail and niche requirements of our clients. We understand that what works for one client may not necessarily work for the next.
  • Decision Making We are agile and flexible in our ability to make decisions and implement resolutions. Our ability to act in our mutual best interests without multi-tiered governance processes enables us to deliver bespoke, efficient solutions to any issues that arise. Our leadership team are very much involved in our contracts. They frequently visit our clients’ sites and liaise with the Account Management Teams. 

Dedicated Customer Care Centre

The operational support for our clients is supplemented by our Customer Care Centre, adding an additional, proactive level of customer service and reporting. 

Available 24/7, 365, our CCC team are highly trained industry experts. Efficiently dealing with over 5,000 cases per year, they work towards internal targets to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. These targets relate to metrics such as customer feedback, quality scores and resolution timeframes. We continuously review, adapt and improve the existing models on our contracts to ensure our customer care remains suitable and bespoke for each client.

Our Account Management Teams and dedicated Customer Care Centre are proud to provide consistency, transparency and open lines of communications to our clients.