Our People

Staff Recognition

Celebrating the talent and hard work of our team members across the company.

Every year we get hundreds of emails from clients with notes of recognition for our teams or individual members of staff. 

The reliability of our service depends on our people, who look after our clients day in and day out. They are the cornerstone of everything we do, and supporting and developing them is central to our success. That’s why we host a range of awards to formally recognise the hard work and dedication of our team members and celebrate their contribution to every clients success.

Client Notes of Recognition

Kate has worked as a cleaner in the Courthouse in Dundalk for over 20 years. When Courts are sitting, she never knows what she is going to face any morning. She has taken on work that other cleaners have refused to do, such as cleaning blocked toilets in the cell area without any fuss, on multiple occasions, only letting us know when it has been completed. She does the work of 3 people. Kate has a great relationship with the staff and always ensures that the staff areas of the building are impeccable. Because Kate is so quiet and unassuming, the great work that she does is so often overlooked. I have worked in many areas of the Courts Service over the last 10 years and I can tell you that I have never come across a more diligent or brilliant worked as Kate.

- Denise Clarkin, Dundalk Courts

Iuliana will not only help out with other aspects of the Facility support team work but her attention to detail with regard to room and catering set up is to such a high standard you would think she worked in the hospitality service.   She is so flexible with accommodating last minute request , even when they arrive a lunch time.  She has a lovely personality, reserved, professional and she is very well respected by our staff.

- Patricia Memery, Solas

Mike, is extremely hard working, anything you ask him to do is no trouble. We have lots of favourable comments from our workforce on Mike’s performance. Mike has just started to clean our internal aco drains – he has fully embraced this and is doing a great job. I would love Mike to be acknowledged.

- Paul Shacklady, NSG

Margaret is an extremely hard worker and never complains, she manages to get through a significant volume of work to a very high standard. Her contribution is entirely the reason performance of the contract at Oak Park House is successful. Margaret always goes the extra mile, taking time to provide excellent customer service with her polite friendly manner when working her way through the house and in her communications with staff and management at the location. She will oblige and clean areas that arise as priority at very short notice such as: set up preparation and changes of meeting rooms layouts, change of work stations, renovation of offices, events, etc. She has assisted in many emergency mop up’s over the years when there have been leaks, escape of water, blocked toilets and spillages. Margaret pays particular attention to health & safety undertaking her duties with a safety first approach and will always bring near miss and hazards to my attention, this is a valuable support to me. Oak Park House is a listed building and Margaret provides expertise in product use for specific delicate area within the building. I cannot emphasis how reliable Margaret is along with being punctual, self-driven, organised and contentious, it is a pleasure to have her working at Oak Park House and she is a great ambassador for Grosvenor. I strongly recommend her contribution is acknowledged.

- Deirdre Hagney, Teagasc

Glyn Jones has covered numerous weekends to support contractors as well as supporting the site to improve its safety systems and contractor control. Checking on the security and cleaning staff has helped produce a good team which we can take into 2023.

- Neil Lloyd, Henkel UK