Staff Training

Training at Grosvenor Services

Our personnel are at the heart of our organisation and crucial to our success. Training and Retraining of all staff, supervisors and managers is the key to the success of any Contract. In addition, any site supervisors will complete the mandatory site supervisor training programme as a prerequisite. During mobilisation, all staff will be retrained ‘The Grosvenor Way’. It is not just a case of changing uniforms and providing new equipment, we will aim bring a fresh approach as part of our offering – this cannot be achieved without heavily investing in training and as a company we will invest in this.

We have a dedicated in-house training team, committed to overseeing and delivering our training. Information on each employee is captured on an individual training record. A database of these records is maintained on our HR database and in a secure location on site to comply with GDPR regulations. Our Continuous training monthly refresher programme is provided to all cleaning staff (at least 15 hours per annum) in ongoing training and development related to their roles.

Pre employment

Each staff member receives links to an online library of mandatory e-learning courses once they accept the offer of employment. This gives them insight into the company and our safe working practices prior to starting their first shift.

Company and site-specific inductions

When new employees join the company, they are given a company specific induction. This is to understand how Grosvenor work, who they report to, our values, issue of uniform, expectations of them and the practicalities such as building lay out, training plans and our internal operational and HR systems. They will be issued with a copy of the employee handbook and given access electronically.

Following the company induction, they will undertake a site-specific induction for the site where they will be working that will cover similar topics: building lay out, project specification, tasks to be undertaken, working processes and procedures, the team they will be working with, colour coding and task cards, security/H&S/access/evac/fire protocols etc

Some new starters may be buddied up with existing staff if this is felt to be beneficial.

We encourage our clients to participate our training courses and brief our people on their business its vision and any safety or site rules.

Educating our teams on our policies and procedures is a key part of the Grosvenor training process. All staff members are given an employee handbook when they join us, which is also accessible via our internal intranet. There they can access information on our policies and procedures regarding everything from flexi time to our CSR commitments.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Training

Cleaning is by its very nature a repetitive task. Ensuring that staff stay focused on what really makes a difference is critical to our success. Seeing things from a Guest’s perspective is critical, so we focus on what is important to them, for example, entrances, walkways and toilets.

Several years ago, we introduced our bronze, silver and gold training regime, based on the recognised BICSc standard. The modules are delivered via our e-learning platform. It is pictorial and shows clearly the process to be followed to perform a task in a safe and efficient manner.
Supported by ‘point of use cards’ we are ensuring that the staff that deliver the service are well versed on our customer’s expectations and deliver the service in a consistent and safe way.


This comprises an electronic library of training modules that can be accessed and completed from any location. It offers a fantastic benefit not just with accessibility but also allows a vastly increased response to changes in the industry, such as Covid-19. This was used to great success during the restrictions and some of our clients have rolled out our e-learning training modules to their own staff, such as our ‘Back to Work’ and Covid-19 modules.

Our modules are based on the principals outlined in the BICs License to practice.

The e-learning modules are available in different languages for those whose first language isn’t English. We also assist our staff who wish to improve their English skills to our online or where appropriate college course.

Supervisor and Management Training

We run a supervisor training programme with Skillsnet for any staff that we believe have potential, or are interested in, developing further. We run a number of these courses throughout the year; it is a 4-day course and very beneficial to staff. We have promoted staff from this scheme when positions have become available and some of our supervisors have progressed into relationship managers.

Our Supervisory Management programme is a clear and practical guide to management skills. We cover the key principles of effective management and examine the characteristics of successful managers. Trainees will learn how to motivate staff and resolve problems proactively to achieve a favourable outcome. They will also learn delegation skills and work allocation, engaging with staff and building productive working relationships, how to motivate people, as well as our Silver and Gold Level Training. We also focus on skills necessary for effective communication, so that trainees leave feeling confident communicating with both team members and higher management.