Social Value

Social Value

Measuring what is important to people, beyond profit

For some people, social value stems from their experiences at home or at work. It may be related to satisfaction from the time they spend with family or feeling refreshed after they take in deep breaths of fresh air during a stroll in the countryside.

If you use a country lane each day to work, the lane has social value to you and others. Should an organisation then choose to build near it or on it, it would have an impact on you if you were not able to enjoy your walk to work or to get to work as easily, and if you were made to feel less safe or more stressed because of this.

All of these aspects of our lives, things that we experience day to day, have an impact on our overall wellbeing. Our wellbeing is impacted by things like our health, our relationships, what we do for work, where we live, our personal finances, our education and skills, our natural world, economic changes, how we govern our societies, and our own understanding of how we are.

Social value measurement tries to understand and record the relative importance we place on the wellbeing changes we experience. It helps to inform better decision-making to increase positive change and decrease the negative.

At Social Value UK, we provide support, training and assurance for developing approaches to measuring and understanding social value, so organisations can make better-informed decisions to improve wellbeing for all materially affected peoples.

A business can understand the impact of its choices and a client can assess the pros and cons of a proposed idea or contract. It becomes easier to assess different risks and opportunities.

In short, social value measurement goes beyond financial or economic value and tries to capture social impact in the round.

Our people and community

As a responsible family business with 60 years of history behind us, we appreciate our success has been down to our strong relationships with our people, clients, and suppliers.

Ensuring our staff receive the necessary skills to deliver sustainable service for our clients is at the heart of who we are, and we actively encourage the development of our personnel.

We understand our people, their needs and work tirelessly to ensure opportunities for growth are available through our training and development programs.

We are proud that some of our staff have been with us for over thirty years and many have developed into leadership positions within our organisation.

Making a positive impact both globally through our offsetting programs or locally through the numerous charitable events in which are staff are involved ensures that we are in touch with local communities and serving their needs.

We have a volunteer program which allows our office-based staff to work on volunteer projects such as the Leopardstown hospital for half a day a year. This puts our people in touch with local communities, as well as contributing we have found that our staff come away uplifted and the benefits we receive as a business outweigh the cost.

We are also very proud to have contributed and to continue to contribute to various charity organisations, such as:

Our people are our greatest resource

We employ locally where over 70% of our staff corporately travel via sustainable means. We train and educate our staff through our eLearning academy as well as in house course.

Our demographic means we have a diverse range of nationalities and cultures, and we provide free online English courses, and working with our partners specialist training when required.

We also provide grants for school uniform for our employee who have primary children.

We invest in our people, and the communities in which we work.


COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses across the UK and Ireland. It has also been a learning curve.

There are huge lessons to be taken not only from a business perspective, but also on a personal level. Throughout the pandemic, our people have risen to numerous challenges, and we have supported our clients in doing the same.

Take a look at Our Response to COVID-19 case study to find out more about how Grosvenor Services learned and adapted it’s services to best support our clients.

Our Response to COVID-19

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