Security Services


Contracted since June 2022


Riverlinx are in the process of constructing a 1.4km tunnel under the River Thames, on behalf of Transport for London. Connecting Silvertown and Greenwich, Silvertown Tunnel will ease congestion in the Blackwall Tunnel. Great news for commuters and the environment, this will facilitate new bus routes and reduce congestion in some of the city’s most built-up and polluted areas.

This soon-to-be landmark will be the first tunnel constructed underneath the Thames in over 30 years.

Riverlinx needed a security partner with the expertise and resources to deliver an excellent standard on a project of this scale. Our previous experience and proven ability to provide a high-quality service made Grosvenor Corporate Security the perfect fit. We have been providing security services on both sides of the river since the project began in Summer 2022.

The Solution

We are highly experienced in providing security services on projects of this scale. For example, in January 2022 we completed a seven-year contract with the Crossrail project in Whitechapel. No two contracts are the same, however, and a project of this scale was sure to bring unique challenges.  

Our officers provide 24/7 security coverage at the main offices on both sites, in addition to manned nights and weekends at additional locations. Location posts at Greenwich and Silvertown are shown below.


  • Main office – Manned 24/7
  • Lidoka – Nights and weekends
  • South Portal – Nights and weekends
  • Boord Street – Nights and weekends

We have 10 operatives assigned to Greenwich, with a pool of 7 fully trained & inducted relief operatives.


  • Main office Entrance – Manned 24/7
  • Gate C – Manned 24/7

Scope of Services

Our operatives’ duties across the sites include:

  • Meet and greet
  • Hosting visitors to point of contact
  • Assisting with site induction process
  • Monitoring access control
  • Monitoring emails
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Internal/external patrols of the premises
  • Supervising security operatives to daily tasks
  • Completing daily reports of daily events/occurrences
  • Recording Vehicles entering/exiting premises
  • Ad hoc K9 patrol/escort services*

*We provide a dog-handler services on the Greenwich site as required by the client. This is to assist with escorting site surveyors. The dog handler is also required to complete full perimeter patrols to deter any intruders/trespassers on all four Greenwich sites.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We always aim to give back to the local communities surrounding our clients’ sites. For the Riverlinx contract, we have sponsored a youth at a local boxing club. Our Operations Director, Kyri Lambi, visited the chosen individual, who comes from a background of poverty. Kyri was delighted to report that the young man has benefitted from the financial help provided by Grosvenor Corporate Security.